It's with a mixture of profound sadness and great pride that we report that our man on the drums, John Demeski, is taking a hiatus from the band. Following in the footsteps of many family/band members, he’s going to pursue a rather intensive Masters program in education for the next year or so, with the intention of joining the pedagogical ranks. And, while we’ll miss his good humor and great drumming, we couldn’t be happier about his decision. The halls of education need more people like him…and his aunt Toni, sister Kate, and close confidant Carly. It’s comforting to know that these people are out there in the trenches every day, making a huge contribution to the future. And that’s not overstating the case.

As we all know after 30 years, no one every truly leaves the STP orbit. They’re all out there, making music in one way or another. And we’ll always love them and look forward to playing together again. It’s unavoidable.

In the meantime, we’re forging ahead with a bunch of new songs, focusing on pre-production for recording sessions this spring. John will be joining us on recording a few new things. And, aside from that, it’s time to re-invent the Plough again. Fortunately, we’ve been through this a few times. You know, a door closes and another one opens. Even if you have to kick it down.

Love you J. Best of luck.

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And this just in…

Well, the “ink” wasn’t even dry on the above entry when Cindi informed us that she was stepping away from the band to pursue a Master’s degree. (Yes, we had one of the brainiest rhythm sections around.) And, let’s face it, to have two members leave a rock band in pursuit of higher education, well…

We offer Cindi nothing but our best wishes as she moves on to the next phase of her life. She made an indelible mark on STP and she will be sorely missed, especially her good humor and infectious laugh. Good luck, kiddo.

Up next for The Campfire Flies

Rent Party May 12th

The Campfire Flies – Deena and Jon of The Cucumbers, Toni, Ed and John of STP, and Matt Davis of The Thousand Pities – will be taking the big stage at the May 12 Rent Party at The Woodland in Maplewood. If you add up all of our various ensembles, we’ve probably participated in more events for this very worthwhile organization than any other assembly of players. Come on out, enjoy the music, and help support this vital cause, which works to fight hunger on a very local level. And we’ll be debuting a few new songs!

In Other News…

Stuart Moxham LP

The music of Stuart Moxham and Young Marble Giants has been a significant influence on our music since the very earliest days of Speed the Plough. So we’re particularly happy to be a part of Stuart Moxham in the Straight World, a tribute to Stuart’s enduring music. The album includes contributions from an intriguing assemblage of international musicians, paying homage to someone who means a great deal to all of us. For information about ordering the CD or purchasing the high-res download click here. We kicked in our 1991 version of “Final Day,” from Wonder Wheel.

Speed the Plough Now
Now is available now, here!

Twelve songs lovingly crafted for your listening pleasure. This limited edition release, the first in more than 20 years on the legendary Coyote Records label, is on 180-gram vinyl and includes a download coupon giving you access to 24-bit WAV files of the album.

Special pricing $15, plus $5 shipping/handling in the continental United States.

Click here to order! (U.S. only)

To see some of the reviews that have greeted the release of Now, click here.



for your listening pleasure

“On A New Day,” from Now, 2016
“Miss Amelia (for Carson McCullers),” from Now, 2016
“Division Street” from Swerve, 2010
“Cutting Branches For A Temporary Shelter” from Wonder Wheel, 1991
“Jane” from Tag Sale, 2013

Lucky You
“Lucky You,” from the 2011 album Shine

Coal & Courage
From our performance at the Hoboken Music and Arts Festival, September 2013, with The Feelies’ Bill Million reprising his guitar part on “Coal & Courage”

Said and Done
“Said and Done,” from the 1995 album Marina

The Ballad of Peggy Oki
“The Ballad of Peggy Oki,” one of Michael’s songs on Tag Sale.

Who Knew the World
“Who Knew the World” from the 2011 album Shine.

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